DSGNworks is a unique development and architectural practice
focused on first time investment and future value of
development projects valued at $50 million and below.


At DSGNworks, we make development and design work for you and your investment. What does that mean? Before we start thinking about design, we dive into your Business Plan and how you want your investment to work for you.

We answer...

"How long will you own the property for?
How can we add value without cost?
Who is going to use it?
What opportunities exist for incentives and programs?
What partners will add value to the project?
How long do you want to hold onto this asset?"

… and so many more questions.



Kevin is an architect by training and a problem solver by craft. He is known for bringing passion projects to life as a multifaceted planning, architecture, and development advisor with thirty plus years of experience. Kevin is an entrepreneur having established practices, business units and studios all aimed at accomplishing his clients vision for their projects and adding value to their organizations and investments.